Family owned and operated since 2010.

Some bonds are never meant to be broken. In the case of the #1 Pre Roll Brand in California, Jeeter, the journey for the group of individuals began way before they decided to make a name for themselves in this industry. From High School, College, to the present day, there has always been a recurring theme, Family. “Our supporters, customers, clients & fans are an extension of The Family Culture we try to instill here at Jeeter” - Lukasz Tracz & Sebastian Solano (Founders of Dreamfields). In 2010 the group embarked on their first venture which led them to create “Life in Color” formerly known as Dayglow, The World’s Largest Paint Party. Touring in over 50 States, 40 Countries and reaching over 100 million fans worldwide the company was a huge success. In 2012, the group sold the company and ventured into a few different spaces before fully committing to the new industry.
After 3 long years of developing, building & establishing a core foundation, Dreamfields was born. Jeeter is just one of the many brands in the Pipeline for Dreamfields, but with the current success of Jeeter it’s safe to say that all hands are on deck. As 2022 presses on, the team over at Dreamfields has something else up their sleeve, something that they have been quietly working on for the past two years, Jeeter Apparel. If you follow Jeeter, you can instantly see the meticulous care they put into every detail of their branding. The same strategy follows suit for the Apparel line as well. Every single detail, from the fabric to the designs, has been strategically thought through with efforts to put a stamp in the apparel industry. “We don’t want to just be another brand with apparel, we want to be in the conversations with some of the best brands in the Apparel space, period” - Lukasz Tracz, President & CoFounder Dreamfields. With 2022 slated to be a packed year full of new product launches & events, the team over at Jeeter is finally ready to launch their Apparel line, which is sure to shake up the industry and create serious headwaves in the space. The goal is to create an everlasting brand that is constantly evolving and inclusive of any and everyone who wants to be a part of the Jeeter Family.

The promise to our customers

The intention is to go above & beyond for our Jeeter Family. Expect the unexpected, but be fully prepared for what is planned to be one of the hottest apparel lines the industry has yet to see.

The quality is unmatched

As mentioned previously, the quality of our fabrics thought process that go into every single piece designed has been carefully crafted for your Apparel needs. Over 2 years in the making, Jeeter is fully confident in what is in store for their community in the upcoming weeks and months heading into 2022.

The fit is intentional

Intent has not only been one of the recurring themes for the Company, but it is a crucial habit built within to deliver on every Piece created for the Apparel line. “Everything we create is intentional, there is always a bigger meaning to what we do here and we try to live by that every day” - Patryk Tracz. “The Fit’, which is sometimes overlooked by some brands, happens to be one of the most, if not, the most important and critical aspects in creating an everlasting product. When you wear Jeeter Apparel, the intent is to make you feel as if that piece was solely created for you. Feeling good and comfortable in the Apparel you wear is just as vital as the design.

The details are everything

“The Devil is in the Details” a phrase commonly coined throughout many industries. You see for Jeeter, The Devils, The Angels, and EVERYTHING ELSE is in the details. It is ALL ABOUT the details. Even if they go unnoticed, it is crucial for the Jeeter team to approach every piece Meticulously in order for them to deliver a product for the standards they have set for themselves.